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Welcome to the Cochrane Primary Health Care Field!

 The Cochrane Primary Health Care field aims to promote the quality, quantity, dissemination, accessibility, applicability and impact of Cochrane systematic reviews for people who work in primary care.

As a Cochrane Field our main task is to make sure that Cochrane is represented in the global primary care ‘community’ and that primary care is represented in the Cochrane Collaboration.

An example of our achievements with respect to the first goal is the development and dissemination of PEARLs: Practical Evidence About Real Life Situations. These are structured minimalist summaries of Cochrane reviews. Subscribe to our newsletter (click here) and you will receive the PEARLs for free. Or browse to previous issues of PEARLs on our website.

For our representative task within the Cochrane Collaboration we are welcoming new professionals who are interested in helping us making primary care stronger in the Cochrane Collaboration. You may express your interest by giving us your details on Cochranegetinvolved.

 You will find news, information and more by exploring our website.

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