Case management for people with substance abuse disorders can improve linkage with relevant services

Clinical question: 
Is case management helpful for people with substance abuse disorders?
Bottom line: 
Compared with treatment as usual or other variable treatment options, such as psycho-education or brief interventions, case management can enhance linkage with other community and treatment services. The use of a manual to guide the delivery of case management seemed to increase linkage.
The extent of linkage varied significantly between studies. There was no conclusive evidence that case management improved other outcomes, such as reducing drug use. One study was conducted in Europe; the other studies were conducted in North America.
Case management is a client-centred strategy involving assessment, planning, linking to relevant services and community resources, and advocacy. The intent is to improve the coordination and continuity of delivery of services.
Review CD#: 
April, 2008
Authored by: 
Brian R McAvoy