House dust mite control measures do not reduce asthma symptoms

Clinical question: 
Are measures to control house dust mite antigens effective in mite-sensitive asthma patients?
Bottom line: 
Measures to control house dust mite antigens in the homes of mite-sensitive asthmatics had no effect on peak expiratory flow, asthma symptom scores, or medication usage. The measures included acaricides, mattress covers, vacuum cleaning, ventilation, freezing, washing, air filtration, ionisers and combinations of these measures.
Despite the fact that many trials were of poor quality and would be expected to exaggerate the reported effect, the review did not find any effect from the interventions. Mite reduction was determined in different ways in the various studies.
The major allergen in house dust comes from mites. Chemical, physical and combined methods of reducing mite allergen levels are intended to reduce asthma symptoms in people who are sensitive to house dust mites.
Review CD#: 
August, 2008
Authored by: 
Brian R McAvoy