Insufficient evidence for vision screening of older drivers preventing road traffic injuries and fatalities

Clinical question: 
How effective are vision screening interventions for older drivers (aged 55 years and older) in preventing road traffic injuries and fatalities?
Bottom line: 
The reviewers were unable to find high quality studies, such as randomised controlled trials or controlled before and after studies, to include in the review.
There is insufficient evidence to assess the effect of vision screening tests on subsequent motor vehicle crash reduction. However, given the importance of good vision for safe driving, vision testing remains a relevant issue for all licensed drivers.
Good vision is critical for safe driving performance. As vision declines with age and the percentage of older adults in the population is increasing, it has become more important to consider the vision screening needs of older adults when designing evidence-based traffic safety policy. Mandatory vision screening for the issue or renewal of a driver's licence is aimed at ensuring older drivers are fit to safely operate vehicles.
Review CD#: 
May, 2009
Authored by: 
Brian R McAvoy