​PEARLS are funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and are written by Prof Brian McAvoy, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care, University of Auckland.

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Titlesort descending PDF Date #
Acamprosate effective in supporting alcohol abstinence PDF 07/2011 289
ACE inhibitors have a modest blood pressure lowering effect PDF 11/2008 123
ACE inhibitors prevent diabetic kidney disease PDF 06/2013 395
Aciclovir effective in prevention and treatment of herpes simplex virus in patients being treated for cancer PDF 05/2009 158
Active management of labour is associated with a small reduction in caesarean section rate PDF 03/2009 145
Acupuncture effective for migraine prophylaxis PDF 03/2009 133
Acupuncture may be effective for fibromyalgia PDF 06/2013 393
Acupuncture or acupressure may relieve pain in labour 11/2011 339
Aerobic physical activity improves cognitive function in older people PDF 08/2008 85
Aiming for blood pressure targets lower than 140/90mmHg may not be of benefit PDF 10/2009 200
Aldosterone antagonists may prevent progression of chronic kidney disease PDF 11/2009 219
Alendronate prevents osteoporotic fractures in at risk postmenopausal women PDF 04/2008 70
All forms of nicotine replacement therapy effective for smoking cessation PDF 04/2013 386
Alpha blockers have modest efficacy in hypertension PDF 07/2011 223
Alpha-blockers may assist successful catheter removal after acute urinary retention PDF 04/2010 246
Alternating and combined antipyretics effective for febrile children 02/2014 423
Alternative institutional birth environments may be beneficial PDF 02/2011 297
Anakinra effective in rheumatoid arthritis PDF 04/2009 150
Antibiotics appear to have no benefit in treating acute laryngitis in adults PDF 04/2007 29
Antibiotics effective for preventing infection at caesarean section PDF 03/2011 302
Antibiotics effective for urinary tract infection during pregnancy PDF 05/2011 309
Antibiotics have a small treatment effect in acute sinusitis PDF 10/2008 108
Antibiotics of limited use for most people with sore throats PDF 11/2007 48
Antibiotics or ‘watch and wait’ for acute otitis media PDF 11/2007 49
Anticholinergics effective for overactive bladder syndrome 07/2007 7
Anticholinergics ineffective for urinary symptoms in multiple sclerosis PDF 04/2009 151
Anticholinergics ineffective for urinary symptoms in multiple sclerosis PDF 04/2009 155
Antidepressants are effective for depression in physically ill people PDF 05/2010 257
Antidepressants are effective for neuropathic pain PDF 02/2008 43
Antihistamines and/or decongestants not recommended in children with otitis media with effusion PDF 03/2007 30
Antihistamines not recommended for prolonged non-specific cough in children PDF 09/2008 91
Antimicrobial prophylaxis effective for colorectal surgery PDF 04/2009 198
Antimicrobials effective for bacterial vaginosis in non-pregnant women PDF 11/2009 218
Antioxidant supplements do not reduce mortality PDF 06/2008 78
Antipsychotics useful as add-on therapy for acute and chronic pain PDF 10/2008 118
Antiseptic vaginal preparation before caesarean section effective for preventing postoperative endometritis PDF 05/2010 267
Aquatic exercise beneficial in knee and hip osteoarthritis PDF 11/2007 38
Aripiprazole effective for schizophrenia and well tolerated PDF 02/2009 232
Audit and feedback effective in improving professional practice PDF 08/2012 365
Autoinflation for otitis media with effusion helpful in the short term PDF 11/2007 36
Balance of risks and benefits unclear for dopamine agonist therapy in early Parkinson’s disease PDF 05/2008 72
Balneotherapy may be beneficial for osteoarthritis PDF 02/2008 104
Bariatric surgery effective for obesity PDF 07/2009 178
Benzodiazepines effective for alcohol withdrawal syndrome PDF 09/2011 331
Beta 2 agonists effective for exercise-induced asthma 12/2013 415
Beta-blockers and thiazides are effective but have different blood pressure lowering patterns PDF 06/2010 266
Beta-blockers can be used with caution in peripheral arterial disease PDF 10/2008 127
Brief alcohol interventions are effective in reducing hazardous or harmful drinking in men PDF 09/2007 13
Brief interventions may benefit heavy alcohol users admitted to hospital PDF 10/2009 205
Brief interventions may benefit heavy alcohol users admitted to hospital PDF 10/2009 360